C Mead final logoI recently checked out this fabulous website that’s called Your Writers Platform and there was a blog on it called 101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writers Platform of you Dreams.

I could do the whole 101 in one go, but that would the fun and anticipation away from my posts – so instead, I will do a couple of them over the next few weeks, and post my progress up here.

Why am I doing this when I am not yet a published author?  Well I hope to change that by the end of the year – one way or another!

A lot of this has already been covered by my 10 Day Writing Blogging Challenge, but this is a little bit more indepth.

No 1 – Define your ‘Why’.  

What is my why?

My central philosophy is to write stories about Romace based in New Zealand and including some of the culture that we have here.  So far two of my stories are focused on Maori culture – they are part of my Cursed Love stories. Why do I want to write these stories?  Because I love New Zealand, I have traveled a lot around it, and I want to share the beauty and the culture of it with others.

My message is simple.  Love can overcome all things, no matter how big or small.  Even in my own everyday life, my husbands love has helped me to overcome a lot of issues and his support have been encouraging.  Love has no boundaries, it can cross over cultures.


No 2 – Plan your Destination

Where do I want to go with my writing?  I want to take New Zealand to the global market.  Love is love, it doesn’t matter if it happens in New Zealand, the US, or the middle of Africa.  And no matter where in the world you are, woman want to escape reality and wonder if there really is such things as true love.

Also, I write for an older audience.  I don’t mind if teenagers read my stories, but I don’t have teenagers or young adults in my stories.  My heros and heroines are in their thirty’s or older.  Why?  Because I am in my middle age years, so why write about teenagers or young adults when I can barely remember those times!  I want to write about people who have been there, made mistakes and realise that there is more to life than partying.

So that makes my potential audience middle agers who like a good story set in richly described locations.  Cursed Love takes place in Nelson.  Curse of the Taniwha takes place in the Nelson Lakes area.  I have another series of stories I want to write, and the first one takes place in the Abel Tasman National Park.  These are all exotic, warm, and sometimes isolated locations, ideal places to escape reality.

Short term goals – publish a story by the end of the year

Long term goals – get more stories written and published.  I wish I could be a machine and write constantly, but I do have a part time job and a family to look after, but if people out there read me, and I can make a small living out of it, then I can leave work and write on a more full time basis.

Now wouldn’t that be awesome!


101 Quick Actions to take to create your Author Platform – Part 1

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