One side effect of depression is that you often can’t sleep at night.  But I don’t think this is too big a deal – I can sleep perfectly well during the day!

But at 4am in the morning, I seem to have some very interesting ideas:

1. Shorten the chapters on Medusa (think David Baldacci, James Patterson), and there are a couple that will probably be removed.  Not a big deal, can fit some information from them  in somewhere along the line.

2. A story idea I have been working on, I managed to get a little bit further along on the planning part of it, like why – but still no ending yet.

3.  A conversation with Christ.  This is one from the Son of God that I have been struggling with.  We all know – through the bible – how Jesus speaks, but I want to get the tone right.  And at about 5am I came up with the conversation for this story, so I hope to get into this at some stage.

While I come up with all of these fantastic ideas, I don’t always turn on the light and write them down, instead I have been processing it all, and if I remember it in the morning, then it is a good idea, and goes down in the notebook.

I am quite pleased with progress on Medusa.  I am up to Chapter 9, and with the chapter changes, I think it will make the story more faster paced.  I have nearly hit 50k, which I am pleased about.  And I have slowly been eliminating the word “was” where it is unnecessary.  I haven’t done a word count on that yet, but it was 900 when I started, and could easily be as low as 600.  Funny how I never really focused on a word so much until I started looking at it!  Anyway, writing / editing is progressing!  Thank Goodness!


4am Mind Dump
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