To the Launch of Cursed Love!  Wow, can’t believe that the 30th of November is only a week away.  I had visions of cruising on up to the date, the launch would go smoothly and easily and I could slip back into editing or writing mode – but that isn’t necessarily the case.

My build up was great – I had a big plan – but it hasn’t happened quite like that – because October and November have slipped by so fast, I am twirling from it passing me by!

The cover looks gorgeous – thanks to Kate at Dwell Design and Press.  I love her so much.  So show her your appreciation by commenting below.

I’ve made a video – and I am quite pleased with it.  It isn’t perfect, but hey, for a first attempt, I’m pretty darned thrilled!

So in a weeks time, I will have a price and some links for you to purchase your own copy of this.  And I will have paperbacks available – they just won’t be ready by 20th November…

See you in a week  🙂




7 Days… and Counting
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