Avatar CatherineWriting, for me, has always been a passion, a joy and something I love doing.  (Have I overdone that?)  Editing, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  I hate doing it, the idea of slicing up and discarding large chunks of something I have put my heart and soul into is quite disheartening, although I have to admit that lately, my negativeness of editing is changing as I am seeing the novel as the big picture.

I wrote , what I originally intended, to be a trilogy however some of the story doesn’t quite fit with a three part story, and it definitely isn’t a duology (or whatever else you call it), so I have decided that once I have finished editing the third story, I will go back and make it one story.

What is currently a 180k trilogy (and growing) will probably end up being a 175k novel, and that actually doesn’t make me upset.  Which is strange, because the whole concept of editing is to cut out what you don’t need.  Instead, I have found that I have added at least 2k to each book as I have edited it.  Not intentionally, just reworded things here, added a new scene there, brought in new detail, tidied up a plot hole there.  It quickly adds up.

So as much as editing involves removing parts, it also requires me to tidy up those areas of the story that I was not originally happy with to start with.  It gives me an opportunity to see how my wording has changed over the course of the three stories as well, which has happened.  There is a distinct difference in the first two to the last one, which was written almost two months after the first part.

So when I put this all together, I will have to edit it down, but the exciting thing is, I know how and when I want this to happen (in the story) and it will mostly be pared back at the start, making it a punchy action packed start.  I just hope I can maintain the intenseness into the middle and ending of the novel.

So why am I making a change from a trilogy to a single, albeit largish, novel?  The fact is the middle story, while it holds the beginning and the end together, does not make a complete story on its own, and to be a real trilogy, it should not be a bridging book, it should be a story in its own right, complete enough for someone to pick it up and read it, understand where in the story they are, but still feel that they have read a novel at the end of it. 

There is no way I can make the middle section  a stand alone story and I don’t really want to tamper with it.  Sure, I might make it better doing it that way, but that is not the point of the middle of the story.  It is the getting everyone together and out there part of the story, which has rather a dramatic climax that leads into the final story.  I like it the way it is, but of course that is up for negotiation once I have worked on the start of the novel!  I could get in there, make the alterations and all of a sudden realise a wonderful way that I could make it a complete story on its own, but I don’t see that happening.

So for now, I have to continue on and finish the editing (which will happen sometime this year… what with moving and getting set up in a new place, that doesn’t have the wonderful ponderous views I currently enjoy…), then work towards combining it into one novel, working out the chapter placements and then work on the Prophesies, which will mark the start of each book within the novel.  But that is another blog!

Trilogy or novel?

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