Having finished editing last week, my plan was to do some writing, but apart from a few cursed on Curse of the Taniwha, I really didn’t do as much as I anticipated.

But I’m not worried or upset – I had pushed hard to get the edits done on Shards of Ice, so a week of pottering about was just what I needed.  And I enjoyed just catching up on other paperwork.  I actually do miss working, so doing some office work felt quite refreshing.

During last week I got a phone call from the local cafe I go to write.  She’s asked me to talk at a Woman’s Biz evening about my writing.  I thought, wow, that’s cool, and immediately agreed.  But it wasn’t until later I realised that there is just so much that I could talk about.  Writing is my thing, I love doing it, but it isn’t what everyone else does or enjoy – so it got me thinking about what I could talk about that the other ladies would be able to relate to – and it came to me – Branding.  I’ve worked hard to create my brand, and to be consistent, and I believe the other ladies will actually get something out of that.  Of course, I will talk about the book as well, its an opportunity to make more sales!  Once I have my talk all sorted out, I’ll post a part of it up here.

The weekend was a busy one, maintenance day really – we knew that Sunday was going to be wet, so we planned an office day for that, but Saturday was a ‘get down and dirty’ day – oil changes on cars and Karts, then chain adjustments, then my beloved asked me to make a filter cover out of some disposable overalls.

I got out my trusty rotary cutter and proceeded to try and cut of my finger.  Two hours in A & E later, my finger is covered in steri-stitches (paper stitches) and a large supply for home.  My beloved has had great joy in telling everyone that we had to visit the hospital for me AGAIN, but I love his description of the rotary cutter – its like a pizza cutter, but on steriods!

My finger is sore, and stings like buggery when I knock it, but other than that, it isn’t too serious.  Another couple of millimetres more, and they would have had to stitch the side of my finger back on.  We don’t know if I cut to the bone, but it was fairly deep, but because it was a slice, it was easy to clean. But the blood!  Don’t get me started on the amount of blood that came out of it.  Fortunately my beloved cleaned it up before we left, because the thought of dealing with it when I got home made my stomach churn.

And once more, I fear sharp instruments.  I got the rotary cutter out again yesterday, and used it, because I needed to “get back on that pony” but definitely have more respect for it.

So this week, if I don’t get any writing done, I have an excuse (she says, typing her blog post with all her fingers)… no – writing my speech!

Happy Writing people  🙂

A Cutting Week
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  • March 27, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    Have fun and good luck for the talk. I’m looking forward to reading the notes you share with us.


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