That sounds way more optimistic than I feel.  I’ve had a week of incredibly strange dreams, and we all know how much I love dreaming.  And after a period of very little dreams, my mind seems to have kicked into overdrive, because none of the dreams make sense – like wondering around a supermarket for hours… and I mean HOURS! Agh!  Anyone who knows me, knows that supermarket shopping is really stressful for me, so hanging out in one for more than 30 minutes is extremely rare.

Anyway, last week was a quiet week at home, not much happening except for housework and sleep.  Oh, and I reduced my meds!  Yes, eight days now and I have gone from 262.5mg to 225mg (the highest amount is 375mg and when I started reducing I was on 300mg).  I’m pleased to say the only side effect is the ringing in the ears, which I have combated by taking extra vitamin B, because this helps with the tinnitus.  I am feeling buoyant, and on Saturday I actually felt almost hyper, but that is the first time in a long time. I’m not just chucking away my meds, I am doing this in accordance with the Doctors instructions.  She is happy with me to proceed at my own pace.  I dropped down to 262.5mg just before Winter, which was a bit of a gamble, but one that has really paid off.  And now I am focused on staying on this for a couple of months to let my body settle before I reduce down again.

Been focusing on art this week, as my folio is due at the end of this week.  I think I have it done and dusted, which is pretty darned cool, and once again I had too much work to chose from, which isn’t a bad thing!  The theme for my board has been deconstruction and reconstruction , using printing techniques and mixed media to create my pieces.  My final board goes from paint and print, to mixed media, to full print (embossing, monoprinting and photocopying!!!)

Sorry about the quality of the photos – I need to clean the lens on my phone!




















I have also started a new business – Notebookaholics, selling notebooks that I have hand made.  Here is my shop over on The Hive NZ Go on over and have a look.  I will also be doing commission pieces eventually – but I need to get ink for my printer first (hint hint, you need to buy notebooks so I can buy the ink!)

Of course, I have been doing more art for the #100daysproject – don’t forget to check out my instagram or twitter link for more information.

I did manage to write 1000+ words the other day, but that is all I have accomplished.  I was also going to enter the Great Beginnings competition on Romance Writers, but I just don’t have the effort at the moment to really polish off something to enter.  I could do it at a rush, but I don’t want to rush it, I want to actually take my time and enter a kick ass story.

This week will be more art. And more notebooks, because I need to really get some money rolling in.

What are your plans for the week?

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A Fresh New Week
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