Yes, I have started a new project… a new writing project.  Its called Finding Amy Archer, and I have written 4000 words so far.  Finding Amy Archer is a cathartic piece for me, it is a story that I can relate to, and a lot of other people will as well, I suspect.  I will tell you more about it in my upcoming newsletter, so if you aren’t subscribed yet… what are you waiting for?  You get a free book too – Cursed Love, if you haven’t already received it.  Plus, newsletter readers often get an opportunity to read the next book release for free…  Plenty of incentive there, and you also get to find out when my books will be released.

But enough about that.  I’m quite excited about Finding Amy, and the writing is just flowing out of me.  I have a new routine in the morning where I get up, have a shower, have breakfast and then write, all before 8am.  My day is free for me to do as I chose, and I don’t feel guilty for taking up my day with writing.  I’m loving this new routine and it works, so why muck with it.

Last week I said that I had a kids adventure book I want to write, well I also have another project.  People will remember a few years ago that I started writing Blood Gold about the Maungatapu Murders. When I lost Shards of Ice, I also lost a lot of Blood Gold, and was rather disheartened by it.  However, this story is really itching to be told, so I am going to look into getting back into writing this story.  Still working out the particulars, but really excited about bringing out my folder of information… and its a folder and a half!

I have started having a play around with water colours.  I love the way that they are so flexible.  I’m enjoying the process, but more about that in my Wellbeing blog on Tuesdays.

This year, I plan on bringing you more blogs – with Promo Fridays, starting this Friday with a new release by Jordan Ford. Its a really exciting book.  Tuesdays will still be Wellbeing posts, but they won’t be weekly, instead alternating with He Said, She Said, a series about song lyrics that have really spoken to me.  Thursdays will still be Feel Good Thursdays, and I have some interesting topics to write about this year – based on last years experiences.

Yes, experiences.  This is what my theme is this year.  Creating experiences, enjoying experiences, sharing experiences.  I believe that material things have nothing on memories and experiences, and this year, my son and I are going to be working together to create some beautiful experiences and memories.

So this is pretty much my plan for the next little while.  With guest blogs on Wednesday for Writing Processes, plus the occasional article written based on interviews and questions I have asked fellow authors.

What is on your agenda for the year? What is your theme? Do you have one?  Feel free to share it with me.

Have a great week




A New Beginning is Afoot…
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