What a week last week! Hard to keep pushing forward when you are going against the natural forces! But thanks to some word sprints (aka Word Wars or Word Races) with fellow writer Amanda Staley, I managed to get a bit done on Running Away. Down to the last act of the story, so the downhill run. Hopefully I can GET it finished this week!

Jo Ogiers Magpie
Magpie Jo Ogiers

As for Shards of Ice… I was going to publish that on Wednesday, however that will have to be put off for a week, at this stage. My husband was taken into hospital on Thursday for an infection that was affecting his circulatory system. He was released, that night but we have been staying in the City for the last few days because he wasn’t feeling that great, and as we live 45 minutes from the hospital, he didn’t want to risk having another bout and not being able to get to hospital on time. As a result, I haven’t been able to do a lot of reading, and I don’t want to rush it and miss something. So at this stage, I’m looking at the 7th, but will keep everyone posted. (My husband is improving since being on pretty intense antibiotics!)

I’ve submitted my term 2 art work to my art teacher for her perusal. Its just so she can see if I am on task or not. I think I am – it was a rather action packed term as far as my artwork is concerned, with collage and printmaking, and having put my folder together today, I realise that Jo Ogiers influences a lot of my work.  This picture here has inspired me to create some native bird pictures with various objects instead of their usual features – e.g. tui with a bone carving, kereru wearing a t-shirt, takahe wearing a motorcycle helmet…  I am also focusing on Taniwha and Celtic / Nordic dragons next term as well, and incorporating them into my art.

So my plan this week is to get Shards of Ice finished (the ISBN’s have now arrived) and get that up, and finish writing Running Away.  Here’s hoping this week is a little more gentle on my nerves and emotions!

What do you have planned for your week?

A New Week… Thank Goodness!
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