This is a quick catch up post, as I have to run out the door soon for work.

Last week, I finished off my first lot of edits on Running Away and most of the beta readers have got all of them now.  I’ve had feedback from all of them on parts, and from one of them on all of it.  Mostly positive feedback, one or two things to change, but nothing major.  Really want to get started on the large edits this week so I can get to my editor by beginning of February… which is next week!  Argh!

I’ve been working in the garden a lot this week, because we have a large area, it takes me a week to get around the whole lot, and of course I should be out there again starting with the weeding… but I’m working instead.

Last week was spent catching up around home, getting housework done etc.  Nice to have the floors vacuumed and the bathroom looking spotless – confession time – I hadn’t had a chance to catch up on it since New Years!  I know, I’m slack, but I’ve had a week of work, and my son is rather the lounge lizard when he is at home, so vacuuming can present its problems.

This week my son is off to a Camp, which he isn’t really looking forward to, but then he is extremely tired.  Trying to convince him to get to bed before 8:30 / 9:00pm is just about impossible.  I’m in bed before he is most nights.  Then start of the new school year the following week.  Wow.

While he’s away at camp I have three days of work with my husband, installing and programming fire alarms.  I like this side of his work, and it will be nice to work with my husband again, its been a while.

Gotta check emails and facebook before I go, hope everyone has a great day and an awesome week.



A quick Write and Run
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