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My story isn’t epic enough.  Does that make sense?

I want this story to be action packed and full of adventure, which it was to start with, but then things slowed down, and rather quickly – think a boat in a kelp forest!

I know the story needs action.  One part in particular they are being chased.  It lasted for one paragraph. Mmm, needs some serious work.

Why do I want all this adventure?  Because I want the story to be memorable.  I have recently rediscovered Matthew Reilly – well I never really forgot him, but he is an action packed author.  The first book of his I read – Ice Station – I read in one day – why?  Because each chapter was one big action packed adventure and each chapter ended with a cliff hanger.  You had to read the next chapter to find out what happened – then you were caught in his trap.

I loved it.  I shared my books – I never saw them again, so I guess most of the fishing fleet of NZ have enjoyed them too!

But he set the bench mark for me, and for the first time, I have written a story where I could have those same elements.  Its Science Fiction, I want it fast paced, and I wanted action and adventure.

So, as SoCNoC draws to a close, I am going back through my story (which I haven’t ended yet!!!) and adding more adventure and excitement.  At this stage, some of it are just scene setting, I also have a notebook in which I have scribbled things, so that I can straighten the story out once I come back to edit it, because I have changed my mind about certain things.

I love this story, just like I love every story I have written, but this one is different because of the action, and I hope that I can pull it off!

Action and Drama Aplenty!
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2 thoughts on “Action and Drama Aplenty!

  • June 28, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    I’ve had a similar issue in the epic adventure department. For me, it’s taken forever to get there after the seemingly endless character introductions. It’s not that a lot isn’t going on, kidnappings, fights for the throne, jumping through different dimensions…but it just doesn’t seem quite at the epic level yet. I’ll put it this way, if this novel were a movie much of what I’ve written would be cut out in favor of a five minute exposition scene. ;p

  • June 30, 2011 at 7:43 am

    My first 3000 words were epic, three fights and two arguments, but then it fizzled out.

    I am at the end of my story, and realised that the action didn’t quite flow through. That chase scene, I have changed it from a paragraph to pretty much the entire chapter, and I am hoping it has tension, readability and excitement. It also helped me to bring the two Main Characters closer physically and emotionally.


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