What is that I hear?  Nothing… quiet, peaceful, shhh, don’t spoil it!  The radio isn’t even on.

Oh, the bliss of being able to think without “Muuuuum?  Can I have something to eat?”  “Muuuuum?  Where is my lego truck?”  “Muuuuuum? Where did I leave my shoes?”  “Muuuuuum?  Can I go for a swim?”  “Muuuuuum?  Is it lunchtime yet?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son, and I spend time with him, but that is the problem.  I don’t get much time to myself to think, and when I can’t think or write, I tend to go a little crazy, and these holidays have been particularly bad!  Man I couldn’t wait for 7th February and now I have a nice quiet and CLEAN house – all to myself!

I have two stories I am itching to work on, one is an historical novel based in Nelson, and the other is a fantasy novel based on a dream I had the other night…  Very interesting time, first time I have had two stories wanting to be told, but I will only focus on one at a time.  So the Historical novel is in April and the Fantasy will be my SoCNoC Novel.

Amazing how liberated I feel, just having my boy back at school and some time to think!  Thank goodness sanity is coming back!

And then there was peace
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