Well, if that was Christmas, we have had it.

Another busy day with lots of presents and family around.  It was a lovely enjoyable day, made all the more pleasurable by the company of a friend who is currently staying with us until she has her baby (which at the time of writing is 7 days overdue!)

As a result of all of the activity going on around the house, no writing has been made.  No creativity has taken place, no beading has been done, and as a result, one very frustrated writer!  I am feeling very frazzled and concerned about the lack of effort I am putting into trying to write!  I have lots of excuses, but that is what they are.

Am I beating myself up?  Hell yes!  There is nothing wrong with taking the laptop to bed at night and writing, except I haven’t been to bed before 10pm most evenings and that tired that I read for 5 minutes before passing out.  I could make 5 minutes in the day, but my 6 year old son wants to go swimming, or I am talking with my friend.  At least she is understanding my frustration, which does help a little bit.

Anyway, the Gothic novel is still not finished, and not looking promising for anytime soon, but I have promised myself that I will not start writing the next story until this one is finished, and it is only good habit to start getting into.

So on to the next holiday – New Years, when I will reveal what my next years writing goals will be, and I am quite excited to get started on them.

Another Holiday Been and Gone
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