Once more… I haven’t written.  Although the urge to start is building, and after a weekend sailing in the Sounds, the determination to start writing again is strong.  I hope to get started again today, but then my son has decided that he is tired and needs to have a day off school.  He is actually tired, because he was in tears twice from when his father dropped him home.  You would think that his father would know better… but no.

So anyway, art has been my go-to for my creative outlet at the moment, and I have dilligently been working on getting my folio finished.  Again, I have too many pieces, which makes the teacher happy, but also concerned, because we have to pick the right pictures to put on it.  She also wasn’t too sure which category it would fall into, print or paint.  I told her I wanted it under print, because that is what I do well, and last year it was moderated by a painter – and I got Merit, although a lot of others believed I should have got an excellence.  This year it would be moderated by a print artist – so that is how I would I like it be presented.

On Saturday, I went out sailing in the Queen Charlotte Sounds.  It has been years since I last set foot on a boat that wasn’t a ferry, but my sea-legs worked, and within the first half an hour we had seen seals and dolphins, and by the end of the first day, we had also encountered gannets and penguins.  It was a lovely day on Saturday, and we did some sailing at the top of the bay.  It was pretty darned cool.  We sailed and motored back on Sunday, as it was a bit choppier, but still got to see some lovely spots.  Very inspiring.  I got lots of photographs, that I can use for my lino cuts, and learned some interesting facts about places in the Sounds.  Hopefully it is the beginning of a new adventure for me.

Sailing Queen Charlotte August 2016 025

The 100 Day Project starts on Wednesday, but I’m out and about on that day, so I will probably start a day early, just so I don’t stress about being behind on the first day.  I’m looking forward to this.  I have written down 100 ideas on tiny pieces of paper, and they are all art based.  I plan on creating a book with the artwork – I’ve been watching videos on bookbinding and feeling very inspired.  Most of the ideas are based on emotion processing but that should be interesting.

So, I hope you all have a lovely week this week.  What plans do you have?

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