I thought that I had this sorted out for last weekend, but no.  So instead of posting it straight away, I posted it for today instead.

No, we were up to Number 13 – which is quite interesting.  Google Adwords.  I looked up Romance and was surprised to see that 300,000 people search for this per day.  That is a lot of people.  NZ romance turned up nothing.  Zip, zero, nada.  That is sad.  Lets hope that RWNZ and myself can rectify that.  If you have a gmail account, sign in and go to Adwords, they will ask you to pay, but you don’t have to, just go through the exercise and then type in your search words.  You may find it very surprising.

Number 14 is creating a bio – highlighting your expertise and accomplishments.  I kind of have this – published in Masters of Horror Anthology, and another anthology, which I can’t really go into at this stage, but it will be coming out next year.  Writing articles for The Rural is also a point that I should add, and any competitions you have entered, especially if you got to the finals.  Also include here any online guest posts you have done and any speaking engagements you may have done.   I have updated my Works in Progress page to now be Written Works and WIP.  Go and check it out.

Number 15 – get some photographs done.  Incorporate the photographs in your writing, to get yourself out there.  I don’t have any recent photos of me, but I use one taken by my son at a friends wedding last year.  I like this photo, so have decided to make this ‘the one’.  I have tried to put it around all my social media sites so that they are all uniform.

Making a list of top 10 (or 100 or any number inbetween) of authors, bloggers, industry leaders is Number 16.  I have chosen to look at top NZ authors – which isn’t too hard, because I know a few of them.  They include T G Ayer, Cassie Hart, Zee Southcombe, Kris Pearson, Leigh Hunt and Melissa Pearl.  There are more, of course, but they are the ones that I want to follow.  I also follow Nalini Singh (whom I met once, and have a photograph to prove it!).  I also have bloggers that I follow, like Author Media and Your Writer Platform.

Next week, we have comments, freebies, subscribing and google alerts to keep us all entertained.

Author Platform No 5
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One thought on “Author Platform No 5

  • July 29, 2014 at 10:25 am

    I am definitely going to go through this list properly – a bit at a time – like you are. Such a good list to review where you’re at.

    I like that you’ve changed the tab to ‘written works’ and ‘written bits’. Good idea.

    Thanks for the mention – and for some suggestions of writers to follow! Yay 🙂


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