LaVerne Clark tagged me to take part in this blog tour, which is a spin-off of the Writing Process blog touLaVerner.

LaVerne Clark is a Kiwi (New Zealander – not the flight-less bird or strange, hairy fruit!) writing stories of romance and suspense.  She’s a keen reader and love to relax wtih a good book when she’s not plotting murder and mayhem; or running around after her two children, rescued greyhound and husband.  She loves to hear from readers or writers alike, so feel free to drop her a line anytime. – you can check her out over at Novel Natterings.  LaVerne’s blog tour post:


Here are LaVerne’s questions for me:

If you were beginning your writing career today, what would you do differently?

Hmmm, now that is an interesting question.  I guess I would probably know a bit more about a story structure before I started writing, and that way I wouldn’t have neverending stories  🙂  I have read up about lots of different things – how to develop characters, how to write stories, how to plot stories, how to create tension – but that just stifled my own natural voice.  I think writers need to learn the basics of writing, and go with it, take pieces you want to learn, but discard the rest – don’t accept everything as THE rule, because it isn’t.  Every writer is different.


What’s the one thing about you that might surprise readers?

I willingly eat brussel sprouts and broccoli  – yip, honest truth.


Tell us a little about your main character in your latest book.Final e-book Cover Design for Approval - 20-10-14

Jinny is a wonderful person who has shut herself off from the world because she dared to love once, and lost it.  She doesn’t want to feel that pain again, because she experienced it as a teenager and it hurt like hell.  The worst part is, Dean, her boyfriend, was killed in a car accident, and she was seriously injured, losing their son at the same time, and she couldn’t see them or say goodbye.  Jinny suffers from guilt because she survived the accident and the other two didn’t.  It tore her to pieces when she was younger, and she just couldn’t cope, so she bottled it all up, pushed it way down deep and vowed never to let anyone touch her heart again.  Of course she didn’t count on the gorgeous Ethan turning up, and while she tried to find lots of things really aggrivating her, she just couldn’t ignore the fact that she was attracted to him.

Guess what – the book is being released… TODAY!

Here’s the link to Amazon.

What are some of your favourites…



Red, the colour of passion, anger, desire, love, devilishness, erotic…











Definitely SUSHI!











Our very own Aotearoa – New Zealand!










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