A new year, a new resolution, new goals.  Not necessarily.

I don’t make resolutions, I gave up on those a long time ago.  But I do set myself goals.  Flexible easy ones.  Like the one above.

The picture is a bit blurry because its actually a photo I took.  But it gives you some of the things that I will be focusing on this year.  The ‘I Am Here’ statement is one that I found – friends did one of those “Find your mantra” quizzes, and I did it for a laugh.  When it came out with I am Here, it really struck a chord with me.  I guess because in counselling and trauma therapy, I have to focus on the “I am here, in the present” part of the statement, so this year, I am here, I am living in the present and accepting each day as it happens, good or bad.

Anyway – matters to hand – editing happened most of last week, Shards of Ice (aka Ice Planet) and I have already forwarded most of it through to my editor.  She is a machine that girl, but so fantastically awesome.  I’m hoping to start writing my Running Away novel this week – I have a chapter by chapter outline, I just need to fill in the blanks and get the ball rolling.  I’m actually quite excited about getting it done.

While I was away in the beautiful Hawkes Bay over the Chrismtas new year period, I saw a Porsche GT3 – that got a story idea buzzing, about a girl meeting a rich man, but that was too – overdone?  so I’ve flipped it.  A rich girl, keeping it quiet, but finding a guy.  Just need to work on the nitty gritty, but it will be about escaping to the Hawkes Bay for Christmas.

I have a post up on Thursday about The Four Agreements, and the much anticipated return of Creating an Author Platform returns too.

Hope you all have a lovely fun filled week.

Back into the Grind for 2015
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