C Mead final logoYesterday was the culmination of a tough week, and I spent most of the day on the couch trying to lift my head.  It was hard.  I was exhausted, completely physically tired.

How did I get like that?  Well I suspect it was the upset that I had earlier in the week, the thinking upset, and it took its toll on my body and mind and therefore by Sunday, my body finally decided it needed rest.

As for the rest of week, I have started editing on Shards of Ice, and I have found that since using Twitter, I have been able to refine my sentences, and I have become rather harsh in my editing, slashing entire paragraphs down to a sentence, or a long sentence down to a short one.  Its bloody fantastic!

I haven’t been writing on Running Away, but later this morning, after my Art class, I’m heading off to my favourite cafe and I will take my laptop, and I hope to spend some time writing.  Like usual, I have a beginning and an ending, but struggling with the middle.  Seems to be the norm lately.  The same thing happened on Curse of the Taniwha, but I think I might have a solution for this one – involving another Pounamu necklace – I love greenstone!  So I might even rewrite this one and see if the middle grows itself or not.  That way, I will have the next book for publishing earlier than August  🙂

In other news, hubby had a rough week at work, which has resulted in him talking honestly with me, and we have had some lovely heart to hearts lately – about time really.  I really miss it when he gets too busy to talk to me.  We have been working on Health and Safety documentation and I have built him a H&S folder complete with analysis forms, policies and other documentation for him to keep in his car.  Man, if he had to take everything with him to work that is legally required, it would take him all day to get it to the worksite, and then back into his car again and he wouldn’t get any work done!  still, that is the craziness that is the NZ government.

Anyway, better get doing so I can do my housework before I have my art class.  Then a morning / afternoon of writing / editing – ahhh, I am starting to love Mondays!

Beyond Tired
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