Ahhh, Spring.  The air is slightly warmer, the days are getting longer, birds are acting crazy (the tuis around here are nuts!) and bulbs are flowering.  Its also been very wet, not just here, but around New Zealand.  Toes are starting to get webbed, and I believe there has been a large increase in gumboot sales…

I like spring in the fact that it is no longer winter.  It is promising to be warmer (although not drier…) and it means that Summer isn’t far away.  I love heat, I love sun.  Have I mentioned that I hate the cold???

So, remember that book I’ve been working on all year – Finding Amy Archer?  Yeah, that one.  I’ve finished editing, and I am working on the formatting.  Some of you who have proof or beta read it will know that there are text messages at the start of each chapter.  This has been a bit of a sticking point.  I wanted to make it look like text messages, but pdf doesn’t like it and often leaves large black squares, so I have had to go back to the drawing board on that.  I think I will just leave it as it is at present.

I have also finally formatted Running Away and uploaded to Createspace.  Once I get the approval for that, I will be getting print copies.  Looking forward to seeing this book ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.  There is something rather special about holding a book you have written in your hands.  Rather special indeed.

I’ve been working flat out on my art at present, as it is due in at the end of the term, however my brain is also working overtime on story ideas, and if my dreams are anything to go by, the next story could be really interesting.  I’ve been tossing up whether to rework one of the ones I have already started, or whether I should start a new project.  I’m waivering between the ideas at the moment.  Two I have started are really barking at me to be finished.  But new ideas (and old ideas still unformed) are really begging to be released into the light of day as well.  You know, if I wasn’t such a procrastinator, and actually sat down and typed, I’m sure I could write and publish more than two books a year!  I have lots going on for the remainder of this year, but perhaps it should be a goal for next year.

I have been back working again.  Between weather, a boss who severely injures herself and requires weekly medical appointments, I haven’t had much work, but now the weather is kind of settling down (yeah, that is rather funny), it will be nice to start getting into a work routine again.  Long may it continue, as I’m going to need every penny I have shortly.

Anyway. have a fun week friends.





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