Today is a day where commitments are supposed to be recognised, a love commitment .  But life is full of commitments.

Now I have written that so many times, does it feel odd?  Does it look odd?

I have lots of commitments in my life.  One to my husband, one to my son, one to my friends, one to my writing, one to housework (yes, I have to spend time doing that chore!), commitment to work even.

I love all of the things that I do, and always put all my efforts into supporting those groups, friends, family, jobs that require my time and effort.  I love encouraging people, taking in part in opportunities, spreading the love and joy of something that has really meant something to me.

So what is commitment?  To commit is to pledge or engage oneself’s.  I have pledged myself to my family, they are my focus.  When I commit to writing, it gets my sole attention, nothing else will distract me.

It is also an obligation, an agreement to do something.  I am a member of a writing group (KiwiWriters) and I have obligations as a member and part of the committee to support those who are involved in the group, encourage those who are part of the group and also to take a role within the group which I actively participate in (I am in charge of the challenges).  It is something that I enjoy doing, and taking part in.  It engages me, and I am involved, and what I love most about it, is that I get to motivate people, encourage them with their writing, and get them to focus on their skills.  It is a positive thing, something I love to do, and I am passionate about it.
In my relationships with other people (husband and friends) I am focused on supporting them, providing them with love, friendship, encouragement.  Be there as someone to laugh and cry with, talk to, listen to, be with in times of need.
It is really important to have things in your life that you commit to, things that you are passionate about.  Commitment is about encouraging, motivating, praising and supporting.
Without commitment, where would we be in the world?
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