While the rest of NZ is covered in snow, our little section of paradise is, once again, snow free.  Which is funny, because we normally get snow.  The surrounding areas (15 minutes drive away) had blizzard conditions yesterday, yet our little hamlet is snow-less.  It even snowed in places it hasn’t snowed in a very, very long time (1939 for Auckland!)

While I am kind of pleased it hasn’t snowed, it is also a little disappointing.  There is something magical about snow.

But that isn’t my complicating factor.  It is my health, and my son’s health.  We were both in at the Doctors two weeks ago, both given a course of antibiotics (or antibionics as my darling son calls them) and while I hoped they would be the wonder drug and I would start to feel better, but no.  My son now has a barking cough full of phlegm and I feel constantly like I am recovering from running a marathon.  I thought I was getting better, but somedays are better than others, but the last two I am going backwards, as is my son.  So I guess there might be another trip to the Doctors on the cards.

The saddest thing is, I have no desire to write.  I would rather read.  I would rather lose myself in a world that I haven’t created.  I guess I am tired of trying to create worlds at the moment, whether it be gothic 1530’s England, 1866 New Zealand, or an ice planet.  My drive to write isn’t gone, I make myself sit down at the computer and try and do something today, but I am too tired to really push myself too hard and I don’t like that because I am halfway through the End is Nigh Challenge, and I really want to finish it, or at least accomplish my goal of30k words added to by Historical NZ story.

I suppose I just have to keep stocking up on Berroca, multi vits, fresh fruit and vegetables and if we (my son and I) deteriorate further, we are going to have to go for more medical help.

Winter is normally a rough time for me, between asthma, depression and arthritis, but this winter seems to have been particularly hard, and I can feel myself starting to crash, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Writing keeps me sane, if I give up writing, I will really bottom out.  I just have to keep trying.

Complicating Factors
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2 thoughts on “Complicating Factors

  • August 17, 2011 at 6:58 am

    You’re sick! Give your brain a rest along with your body, so you can heal.

    Somebody really should do a study as to why all writer tend to be masochists.

  • August 17, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Yes, I have to have a break because I don’t feel like writing! The other problem is I am a mum too, to a boy who is also sick, and a husband who does his best to make sure that we are OK, but he works… so I have to make sure that there is tea on the table for him.

    But here is the catch 22 – if I don’t write, my depression kicks in very badly, so I need to write to keep myself mentally balanced! Hoping some medication might help with that soon!


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