Its been a few weeks since I last completed one of these – just got side tracked with a book launch, life and just stuff!  But without further ado – we are focusing on Holding an Event, Interviews, friendships, podcasts and images this week.

No 59 – Hold an Event – like a book launch, giveaway, or contest to build buzz and pull people in.  Funny you should mention this…  Yes, I have a book launch next week – 30th November to be precise when Cursed Love goes live.  I have been doing the build up – by doing articles for other websites and tweeting – and I made a video – check it out on youtube.  I spoke with a wonderful friend, Juanita, who gave me some totally brilliant ideas, however I haven’t even done one of them.  It is more or less because I have kind of run out of time.  I could still do it I suppose.  However, as this is my first book, I am not expecting a sell-out success – but it will be part of a back catalogue for others to discover later on.

No 60 – Be interviewed – accept any and all offers to be interviewed. – With my press kit, I have included some interview questions provided if anyone wants to interview me – I am available – email me – catherine at catherinemede dot com.

No 61 – Develop friendships – network with like minded people – be friendly and available.  Well bugger me, if I wasn’t already doing this.  I hang out (on line) with Cassie, Zee, Grace, Kate, and locally with LaVerne and Trish.   We are all writers, supporting and encouraging one another.  We talk to each other all the time, and help each other out – because that’s what friends are for  🙂

No 62 – Start a Podcast – Hmmm – probably not for me right now, but there is a tutorial that Kimberly recommends at how to start a podcast here

No 63 – Capitalise on images – use the headline of your blog post as your draw card – it has to reflect who you are and what you write.  Mine, is one I made with my logo and a curlicue picture I found.  I did this after ordering some business cards with this one it – so my business cards and my website match.  I have to work out how to make my email have a fancy stationery  🙂


Next time, we will focus on pitching to local media, conferences, media kits and checking links.

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