Last time we looked at interviews, events, and podcasts.  Today, we are focusing on local media, conferences, media kits and links.

No 64 – Pitch yourself to Local Media – offer to be interviewed, provide a quote, contribute and excerpt from your work, offer to be a source – be available, dependable, helpful.  I was talking with the publisher of the local newsletter and she suggested I do an article for the local newsletter about my book.  Great idea.  But don’t forget the local newspapers as well.  Especially if you want to launch your book  🙂

No 65 – Go to a Conference – use your business cards, have an elevator pitch and meet people.  Listen to the speakers, organisers and even your “competitors” – there is an RWNZ conference coming up in August 2015 – mark it in your books people.

No 66 – Create a media kit.  This is something I have had to do recently because of the launch of Cursed Love.  Basically you need to have a bio page (copied from my “Who is Catherine Mede” page), a photo of the book cover, a blurb, a bit about the book, and other relevant information – such as interview questions, other books you have already released.  Just thinking about it now, I perhaps should also have a media kit for Flying Kiwi Press – the publishing press I have created to print my books.  Hmmm, something to think about.  The useful link from Your Writer Platform for creating a media kit is here.

No 67 – Check your links – do your social media buttons work?  Any website links that no longer exist?  I was just thinking the other day that I need to update my fellow bloggers links – there are some I no longer follow, and some that I would like to include because I think they are awesome.  Check out some of the links on other writers pages – they may be worth while checking out too.


Next time, we will be looking at polling your readers, keeping a journal, sharing freely, email signatures and your best quality work.

Creating an Author Platform #16

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