C Mead final logoIts been a while since I last did one of these, because lots has happened.  I published a book (yes, shameless plug – but its my site – why not.  Go to my Finished Product Page to BUY YOURS NOW!), I have also been away on holiday to the beautiful Hawkes Bay!  Wow, that place is just amazing, and inspired a great contemporary romance idea… that’s mulling away in the background – but lots of history there too… could be a paranormal story yet.  🙂

And then it has taken me a while to get back into home mode.  I enjoyed my holiday so much, and relaxed so much, that reality sucked for a week.  But two weeks home now, and life is returning to normal.

So this week, we are looking at Polling your Readers, keeping a swipe file / journal, sharing freely, email signatures and Highlighting your best work.

No 68 – Polling your readers.  This is where you ask them what they want.  Carry out a survey to ask readers what they want or what they are struggling with.

I did this back in 2011 – You Chose – I had three story ideas just buzzing around in my head, and I didn’t know which one to write!  I was strongly pulled towards a Steampunk novel set in Nelson, but I couldn’t quite get all the pieces to come together, so I put up a poll.  I had three choices – Steampunk, Thriller or Science Fiction – readers chose Science Fiction – and that was Ice Planet – now called Shards of Ice which is currently being edited as we speak.  It was a great opportunity to allow my readers to pick the next story they wanted to read, and once I have a few more published stories under my belt, I will definitely be doing a poll again.

No 69 – Keeping a Journal or Swipe File.  This is keeping your ideas, inspirations, something that will benefit your readers, anything, save it for future reference.  Pinterest is a great visual diary – and you can go there and check out some of my pics – my muses are in there, along with story characters for the stories I am / have worked on.  I otherwise have various notebooks that I keep ideas in and a folder which I keep pieces of paper with information or details that could lead to blog posts later on.  Something worth having.

No 70 – Share Freely – give things away, do a reading, share a short story – make the first book of your series free, how-to-blogs, resources etc… give something back to those who support you – your readers.

No 71 – Make your email signature work for you – add your URL and include social media sites.  I have recently started doing a simple version of this on my home email address, but I need to do something about this on my professional email addresses: you know what I’m talking about?  At the end of emails, some people have something like:

Catherine Mede


fb – www.facebook.com/catherinemede

pinterest – www.pinterest.com/catherinemede

twitter – catherinemedenz

This is what I really need to do.  So that is next on my list, after I’ve finished this post.

No 72 – Highlight your best work – Display your most popular posts on a sidebar, or homepage slider.  Tweet older posts on twitter, create a “New Here?” page and put your best posts or categories in here.

This sounds great – but I have a few years worth of blog comments to go through… I don’t know if there is anything useful in there – except maybe for those wanting to know a bit about one person’s journey through depression.  Probably not really something I would consider – at this stage.  Things could change.  🙂

Next time – Repurposing older content, brainstorming, partnering up, reviewing peers work and tracking your links.

Have a great week.

Creating an Author Platform #17

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