C Mead final logoAgain, I’ve had a pause, but here goes, discussing finding reading opportunities, tweaking your website, webinars, charities and top 200 blogs.

No 78 – Find a reading opportunity.  Go to your local bookstores and libraries, introduce yourself and make yourself available to read your books.  Quite often our Romance Writers Group gets this opportunity, and I have never taken part, because I don’t have a story to read, but now I do.  And I have gifted copies of my books to the local libraries, so I should be able to do this.  As for public speaking, I am confident in this, and I have read to the school kids a lot of times, so I know I can do this.

No 79 – Tweak your Website.  Is your site media friendly? Contact info prominent? Is your author brand prominent? Is there lots of clutter?  This is something I feel I am constantly tinkering with – my website.  I want it to look clean, but easily accessible, people can find what they need to find, and able to purchase my paperback directly from me.  I am constantly thinking of new ways to present information- like at the moment, I have started a Writing Process blog series, how can I make this a permanent part of my site and not get lost in the blog posts?  I have some ideas about this, and will work on it.

No 80 – Do a webinar or teleseminar – show people you know what you are talking about.  Show people how you write your book, your techniques, let people ask you questions about your writing – anything that get’s your name out there.  It is hard to set up, but there are lots of useful tools available.  Check out youtube for more information.

No 81 – Tie your book to a charity – Increase your visibility and potential reach by connecting your book to a charity, but only if it is feasible.  Cursed Love could be linked with Breast Cancer New Zealand or Breast Cancer awareness, because Ethan’s wife died from Breast Cancer.  Another story has domestic abuse in it, and could benefit the Women’s Refuge or similar outfit.  Melissa Pearl has often had her books linked to a charity for children, so it is worthwhile looking at.  And it benefits not only you, but the charity by giving them a percentage of your profits, and free advertising for you.

No 82 – Make a list of the top 200 blogs on your topic or genre.  This is a real marketing tool, because you can look at those who are writing similar works to you, knowing what is current in your genre, what the readers are interested in, how they are responding to articles etc.  It will give you a better understanding of your competitors, and your readers as well.

Very easy week this week, with these five steps, but interesting things to think about as well.  Next time, we look at contributing on writing forums, watermarking photos, sharing testimonials, Twitter and Thanking people.

Creating an Author Platform #19

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