C Mead final logoAnother post on creating your author platform.  Last week we looked at creating and following blogs of competitors, tweaking your website, reading opportunities and tying your book to a charity.

This week, we focus on contributing to writing forums, watermarking your images, sharing testimonials, Twitter, and thanking people.

No 83 – Contribute your thoughts and expertise on writing forums.  A great way to connect with writers and readers alike is to share your thoughts on writing, reading, your writing processes and solving problems.  If you are able to do this in a professional, yet approachable manner, then you build credibility as an authority on writing.  There are many different social platforms to share on, email links, Google+ Hangouts, linkedin groups and commenting on other blogs.  I often comment on others blogs, and did take part in discussions on kiwiwriters, but I haven’t had a lot of time lately to spend time on social media and pass comments.  This is something I probably need to really to start doing.

No 84 – Watermark your photos, graphics and other imagery – add your website link on all graphics that you own, and readers and find their way back to your website if they lose a link.  This is a great idea.  My book cover, my logo and author profile picture are three images that can be used to create a watermark.  There is a tutorial on youtube showing how you can add your URL to your pictures.

No 85 – Share Testimonials – Set up an endorsement / testimonial page on your site.  This allows your readers to identify with your current fans and reinforce how your book or work will resonate with them.  What a brilliant idea!  Yes, something that I will have to do, along with add a buy now link for purchasing the paperback.  Several writers / readers have read my book, including a teacher at the school I used to work at.  She told me that while the story wasn’t her cup of tea, it was well written, which is an awesome compliment.

No 86 – Tidy Twitter and Build your followers – using JustUnfollow will allow you to follow those who are of interest to you, and let you know who unfollows you, so that you are able to keep a cleaner twitter feed.  I have seen a few people using JustUnfollow and thought it was a spammy kind of thing, but obviously it isn’t if it is mentioned on Your Writer Platform!  Will sign up for this now  🙂

No 87 – Say thanks.  Find ways to thank your fans for their support.  Give your core fans an advanced copy of your upcoming book, offer special discounts, or create exclusive insider resources or info.  This is a fantastic way to grow your fan base.  I am on the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of a couple of writers now, because I love their work, and I want to be the first to read their work.  When I sent out copies of my paperback, I included a business card, and a card with a picture of Cursed Love on the front – it’s only little, but it is something.  Next time I have bigger plans.  One of my writer friends has produced some postcards based on the pictures in her book, a wonderful concept.

Next time, we look into Encouraging fan involvement, Highlighting reel, join a book club, twitter hashtags, engaging with facebook fans.

Creating an Author Platform #20

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    Another good summary. Thanks Catherine 🙂


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