C Mead final logoWe are getting down to the last few ideas – but they are by no means insignificant.  There are some great ideas still coming forth.  An update on last week – I have joined JustUnfollow – and I am surprised how many people follow you, then unfollow you!  That’s really disappointing, but at least I only follow those that I want to follow now.

This week, encouraging fan involvement, highlight reel, book clubs, twitter hashtags and facebook fans.

No 88 – Encourage your fans to get involved.  Get them to create book trailers, design merchandise, brainstorm cover ideas, have a competition where the winner has a character named after them.  Get them to participate with you in anyway possible.  I have tried this with my blog, which hasn’t been that successful, as yet.  And even on facebook there isn’t much engagement, but with other great articles on Your Writers Platform, I will be able to get this up and running better.

No 89 Highlight Reel – Create a “behind-the-scenes- feature on your website.  Add unused tidbits, altnerative POV chapters, soundtracks, additional research etc.  I have often thought about creating a soundtrack for people to listen to, as I often listen to music while I am writing, and music influences my writing depending on the mood.  Research notes are a great idea too, because often it is hard to find initial information, and having something up that others could start with would create a bond with you and your fans / readers.

No 90 – Join a book club or writer’s group – by joining a book club or writers group, you can share your book and get more than your own perception on a story.  There are lots of different readers out there, some will enjoy your story, some won’t, it is worth getting everyone’s opinion, because you just don’t know… you might earn yourself a new reader.  and if not, their input could be invaluable to your future writing.

No 91 – Learn and Use appropriate Twitter Hashtags – help your tweets get noticed, and shared more often with the right hashtags used appropriately.  I often use #amwriting, #writing, and I like to create my own #blondeday… but there is an interesting link by Caitlin Muir on 44 Essential Hashtags.  I have printed this out and highlighted the ones that I think are really important to me and my writing.  And don’t forget about your other interests too.  You can pick up new followers in other aspects of your life that may just be interested in what you write.

No 92 – Engage with your Fans on facebook – Ask questions, give updates, share video’s, pictures and links, and show some personality.  I love sharing things on my facebook author page whether it is inspirational, something fun, writing successes of fellow writers.

Next time, we will look at creating a resource page, offer a testimonial, monetize, finding and being a mentor.  Have fun this week.

Creating an Author Platform #21

One thought on “Creating an Author Platform #21

  • March 8, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    I set up a behind-the-scenes type page on my author site, and I think it’s a good way to give current readers a bit more insight into your work and process.

    No 88 is the next to work on, but I think I might leave it until I have a bit more of a readership.


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