Hi de hi campers – we are nearing the end of this epic series.  Today, we look at Creating a Resource page, offer a testimonial, monetize, find and be a mentor.

93 – Create a Resource Page – round up all your resources, research, and courses and share with your email list and social media.  I haven’t really done this, but I possibly could.  I’m just not too sure just what the value in this would be.  Author T G Ayer has recently been sharing a lot of information she gathered on human trafficking, which has been really interesting.  I guess once I start getting into a bit more research for my subjects, then I can start sharing those resources.

94 – Offer a Testimonial – Endorse someone that has given you excellent service – whether it be an author, blogging service, or service provider.  A testimonial will add to your credibility, and point others in the direction of other providers, increasing their credibility.  I have done this recently for Hart and Stenhouse Editorial Service as one of the directors edited Cursed Love and will edit Shards of Ice.  J C Hart provides a fantastic service, her comments are insightful and helpful.

95 – Monetise – Repackage old blogs and sell them as an eBook.  Offer your services, teach a class, create a course in your area of expertise.  I have taught classes, but done it on a fee free basis at our local school.  I have offered to do writing courses at the local school, but nothing has eventuated.  As for repackaging old blogs and selling as an eBook… I don’t know if people would be interested in my journey through depression – at least not yet.  One day… maybe  🙂

96 – Find a Mentor – Mentors are role models who have a wealth of information and advice to share.  They are your cheerleader, encourager, supporter, someone who keeps your eyes on the goal, and help you find new opportunities.  I haven’t got a mentor yet, but I have had this from two of my favourite writers – Melissa Pearl and T G Ayer.  I often brainstorm with Melissa when I have a problem with a story, and T G Ayer was a great encourager when I put Cursed Love out there.  I am thankful that I have these two lovely ladies on my side.  And I am a big fan of both of them, so I feel blessed that they are willing to share their knowledge with me.

97 – Be a Mentor!  As for the above, be a mentor for someone else!  I have a couple of teens that I encourage and spend time with listening to them, helping them with their writing.  They are both lovely young women, and their stories are exciting, so I can’t wait until they reach the point where they want to publish their stories.

The last Author Platform post will feature; asking for feedback, join or create a mastermind group, evolve and grow, find balance.

The following post will be about what I have taken on board, and the successes (or failures) I’ve had.

Creating an Author Platform #22

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