C Mead final logoWow, time flies, I am sure I had done a couple of these and scheduled them up!

Anyway, this week we discuss building an email list and social media.

No 9. is all about building an email list, which Kimberly thinks is the most important element to building an engaged following.  I don’t believe that I have a following big enough, or enough to really say in an email list at this stage – I try and blog twice a week – three times at the moment, but I guess I could get super organised and email the coming week’s scheduled posts, or send an email a week later, linking people to the site.

So, email services, there are a few of them.  KiwiWriters uses Mailchimp, which is a nice looking site and easy to build a newsletter with.  Andrea recommends Aweber.  I have looked at this, but I found it a little confusing – it said it was free, but you had to sign up for an account and pay…

So, I decided to search for a NZ based product – and you know what – there is one!  Vertical Response.   It is free for up to 1000 contacts, after that you have to pay.  Since I don’t have anywhere near a thousand people, this looks like a great option, and they have some lovely templates.  So I have signed up.  Go and have a look for yourself.

No  10 and 11 is about Social media, so I have combined it.  It involves Twitter and Facebook, and now with the advent of Google Plus, you could include that here too.  I have a twitter account, but I am not a big fan of twitter – I guess I prefer to be more wordier than Twitter allows.  I have recently changed my username to @CatherineMedeNZ, to reflect and work with this website and my Facebook author page which is under under Catherine Mede.

I have my website linked to Facebook and Google Plus, and my facebook author page is linked to my twitter account, so anything I post here, or on facebook is sent through to twitter, so I am getting my stuff out there.

No 12 is getting a social media tool, like Hootsuite.  I have used Tweetdeck, but to be honest, I struggled with it.  I haven’t looked at Hootsuite yet, but I am going to look into it, because it isn’t just about Twitter, like Tweetdeck was.

Catherine MedeSo, my homework this week is learning more about Aweber and Hootsuite.

Next week, Google Keywords, creating a bio, photos, and making a list of authors, bloggers and leaders in your genre and review their sites.

See you next week  🙂

Creating an Author Platform Part 4

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