Not even half way yet!  Lets get cracking.

Core ValuesThis week, we are looking at Adding Value, Creating Lists, Pitching a Guest Post, Being Helpful and Investing in Yourself.

No 41 – Have a look through your platform building endeavours so far and see if you can add value.  Contribute more, give more, help more, love more, mention others, mention yourself – more more more.  If you offer a free ebook on signing up to your email list – add something else too – a list of song’s to listen to, a piece about the inspiration behind the story – think about where you can improve or add something that others would be interested in.

No 42 – Create a list of 20 popular sites that accept your guest posts.  Read their guidelines on providing guest posts, and start writing.  Get yourself known and out there by providing posts on a range of subjects, say the subject of the book you are writing (in my case writing Romance set in NZ), why I wanted to write this story, etc.  Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and opinions.

No 43 – Pitch a guest post – take the post you wrote in the last idea – and actally submit it!  They can only say no, and if they say yes – take the opportunity with both hands.  When you get accepted, don’t forget to link your site to the post as well.

No 44 – Be helpful by sharing useful links or answer questions on social media.  Become a resource that people go to for help.  Give them answers to the problems that they have struck, or share experiences that you have had.  It might just help someone out of the rut they are in, or provide them with inspiration.

No 45 – invest in yourself.  This is your business, invest in it.  Get the right tools and resources to help you build your business.  Also sign up for classes, conferences, speaking engagements that will improve your skills in writing or business.  These will only strengthen your position and help you to develop a strong business model.

Creating an Author Platform Week 11

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