Core ValuesWell, I have to say that the branding thing for me is really taking off.  I have a publishing date – working on end of November, so really need to get my butt off the chair and start working my way through these Platform making suggestions!

This week, Speaking, Interviewing, SEO, PicMonkey and Updating profiles.

No 46 – Go out and speak.  Find opportunities to talk to groups about what you do, why you do it.  As you talk more, you will gain experience.  The more you get yourself out there, the more networking opportunities you create.  I haven’t spoken about my writing, but I have spoken to a group of Year 9’s about my depression and how it has effected me and how I was overcoming it.  That was two years ago.  When I was in Year 13 – I spoke to 900+ girls about Girls Brigade.  Public speaking isn’t an issue for me.

No 47 – Interviewing other Authors and Influencers.  I have done this, during NZ Book Month.  And being part of the Romance Writers gave me a great group of NZ writers to pick from.  Kimberly from Your Writers Platform recommends that you interview people via email and skype – geography doesn’t limit you.

No 48 – Understand the basics of SEO – heard of SEO?  Know what it means?  Search Engine Optimisation.  Understanding the basics means being able to know how to use SEO to its full potential, and increasing the chance of your article being noticed.  Your Writers Platform recommends checking out this link at Author Media.  SEO isn’t something I know much about, so I really need to study this and find out more about it.

No 49 – PicMonkey for photo editing – I haven’t heard of PicMonkey – and to start with, I queried why I would need it.  But it is put in the author platform for the purposes of editing photos if you don’t have photoshop.  I guess you could use this for those lovely graphics that some people are just so clever at making with quotes from the books on them.  I use Gimp, because I know how to use that, although not very well.  PicMonkey does look a lot easier.  Will have to give it a try at some stage.  For now, I will leave the graphics to the clever ones.

No 50 – Update your profiles.  Ahh, now this and I can confirm I have done, a couple of months ago.  I went through all the social media that I use, and updated the photographs with my author picture, and trademark and made everything look uniform.  This is all part of the branding, and building up a picture of what you are like.  I hope that people see that as me being an organised person.  imagine what it would look like if you had different pictures of you on various social media sites.  That would be confusing for those you are trying to attract.  Also, make sure the information is up to date.  My “About Me” page (or “Who is Catherine Mede” page) hadn’t been updated for a couple of years.  I no longer work as an insurance assessor, and as of last Friday, I no longer work as a Teacher Aide, so I need to update those things again.

Lets be daring, and push on a little further!

No 51 – Sign up for Google Authorship.  Have to admit, I have never heard about this one.  It shows a picture profile of you when someone types in your name.  Very clever!  However, when I googled Google Authorship, the message was that this was now unsupported – in other words, they don’t do that anymore, but they did offer a link to rich snippets.  After that, it got too technical for me, so I won’t be doing that.

No 52 – Develop Backlinks – what are backlinks?  They are links that come into your website from another website or webpage – think trackbacks and pings.  There is an extensive Guide to Links book here if you want to check it out.  Me, well I just link every webpage I use, so others can follow to the original if they want to.  I have to say that my favourite website is definitely Your Writers Platform and I link to it whenever I can!

C Mead final logoOkay, so that is enough for today.  Just remember, you don’t have to do all of these things, they are just ideas and suggestions that help to build a steady base from which you can grow and build on.

Next week – Hosting Guest Bloggers, Submitting articles, updating subscribers of new posts and Tweeting links.  Coming up in future weeks – creating a Youtube channel, podcasting, polling readers, email signatures, and webinars.

Happy Building People

Creating an Author Platform Week 12

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