Core ValuesOhhh, Unlucky 13 aye, well actually, I like 13.  It hasn’t been unlucky for me.  Anyway, this week, we are covering Guest Bloggers, Submitting Articles, Keep Subscribers updated, Tweeting Links.

So lets get started.

No 53 – Host Guest Bloggers – this helps to build networks and increases your value to readers.  If you blog on someone elses website, your readers follow you there.  If you have then blog on your website – guess what happens… yeah!  Their follows check you out, and you may find yourself with some more followers.  This is what we want people, more people signing up and joining the excitement that is your webpage!  I seriously need to get more people to blog here, I had some posts during NZ Book Month, but once a month, I should focus on getting new people to blog here – have to pick a day and go with it – that’s a good idea.  Mental note, start approaching author friends.

No 54 – Submit an Article to an offline publication.  Write an article, then send it off to newspapers, magazines, journals, industry leaders, anything that is read my your readers.  Go on – write something.  I have to admit, I haven’t really had the courage to do this, but it seems like a good idea.  Perhaps I might focus on writing a piece for a woman’s magazine.

No 55 – Update your subscribers when you publish a new post.  Share this with your email list as well as those who have subscribed to your page.  The email list may have people on it who don’t subscribe to your page.

C Mead final logoNo 56 – Tweet a link to your new blog post.  Once upon a time, WordPress would publish my blog posts to my facebook page, and twitter.  However, since switching over to, these functions haven’t been working.  So I tried Networked Blogs on facebook, but this hasn’t worked either.  So I will have to manually go through and put the links onto my facebook page – because that is linked to my twitter page.  Just remember those hash tags (#).

OK, so that was short and sweet for this week – next week there are only two things, because they are linked, and could be quite big.  Using YouTube and creating a video.  Have fun creating your author platform – oh and check out Your Writers Platform for more ideas and suggestions on how to grow your author profile.

Creating an Author Platform Week 13

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