Core ValuesWe are well and truly over the halfway mark and on the slippery slope to number 101.  However, today I have chosen to only do two, because they are going to feature quite heavily in my own marketing strategy.  This week, we are looking at YouTube and creating a video.

No 57 – setting up a YouTube Channel.  Many writers have a YouTube Channel – for the purposes of having book trailers, or writers giving advice, or just answering readers questions.  Here are a couple for you to check out – Melissa Pearl, J A Huss.  JA’s trailers just rock, and Melissa has a lovely series called Laugh Cry Swoon, where she talks about her upcoming projects.  Does this work for these authors?  I don’t know, I haven’t really asked them, but it is a great idea.  And having something on it that is different from your average video.  In todays day and age, its all about doing something different to keep your existing and new readers interested in you and your work.

No 58 – Create a book trailer.  I was going to use Melissa Pearls book trailers, because they were amazing, but she has made them all private!  So instead, I have used J A Huss’ trailer for Losing Francesca – check it out –

It shows so much without giving too much away – it intrigues me, I want to read that book.  You don’t need voiceovers, or anything fancy.  In fact, Kimberly from Your Writer Platform recommends checking out Creative Penn’s article on how to create a book trailer.  I have also read somewhere, don’t use Powerpoint to create it, but something else instead.  But to be honest, I think Powerpoint is the best option, and there are lots of articles on Google about how to post a Powerpoint to YouTube.

The idea of a book trailer fascinates me, I like the concept and the idea of an advertisement that others can look at, giving hints and clues as to what is going on inside my book.  Building intrigue and curiosity is part of my marketing strategy.  I have a cover now, and some ideas are floating around.  You will just have to wait and see what is going to happen.

Creating an Author Platform Week 14

One thought on “Creating an Author Platform Week 14

  • October 18, 2014 at 3:28 am

    Video is a format I haven’t really tried my hand at yet – except the odd ukulele cover but that’s a bit different! It’s one of those things I’ve heard lots of people saying I *should* do but it’s going to still be on the backburner forcs while I think.

    will we be seeing a video from you soon?


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