Sorry its been a while, had some issues with the new site, and dates and times etc.  But hopefully I have things under control now.

Core ValuesSo we discussed in Creating an Authors Platform No 9 a lot of things, like Google Analytics, Organising Email Lists, Throat Grabbing Headlines, Call to Action at the end of posts, and revamping your About Page.  You may have noticed that I have sorted out my website, and only have three pages now.  I just wanted to simplify things, and have a separate page for those books that will be sold… when I eventually publish them.  And I now have a deadline, so I need to get my butt into gear and start finishing this Authors Platforms or I won’t get it finished before I have a finished book.

This week, we will be looking at Being Everywhere, Searching yourself, Engaging with Fans and Creating Link Love.

No 37 is about Being Everywhere.  You need to be where your readers are.  Use social media like Goodreads, wattpad, Amazon Author Central, Pinterest and Google+.  This is a very interesting point.  I use Pinterest, and I put pictures up there of the people whom I imagine are my characters.  I also sometimes put photos of settings on there too.  I have signed up for Amazon Author Central, Goodreads, but I haven’t used Wattpad or Google+ (or as Catherine Mede) anyway.  With a promotion coming up, I need to get myself out there and noticed, although the first part of the promotion will be about getting me noticed  🙂  It will be interesting.  I also have a twitter account, click on all the links to go to my pages and check them out.


No 38 – Go search yourself.  Seriously, type in your name or your author name and see what happens. This is what I found… Catherine Mede – Google Search which is quite interesting.  Fortunately it is all me, or about me, I didn’t go any further into the images, but they look like ones I have used on my website.  When you publish a book – google it.  It is always interesting to see what comes up – does it embarrass you?  Perhaps you need to do some work to clean up your image.  Does it excite you?  Then others might find it interesting too.  Well done.

No 39 – Engage with your Fans, let your first commenters and subscribers know that you think they are wonderful and special to them.  They are your biggest supporters, support them back.  Treat these people to special offers and perks, or insider information – like the subscribers to my newsletter will get the book at a discounted price… the actual paperback copy!  Sound like a great idea?  You will have to sign up to find out  🙂


No 40 – Create some Link Love – People like it when you quote them, or mention them online.  People special to me are Cassie Hart, Zee Southcombe, Kylie Somerville, T G Ayer, Melissa Pearl, Rachael Brooks, J A Huss, Ella James, Deborah Cumming.  They are all lovely people and I love to mention them when I can, and share their websites.  Send people emails to let them know that you loved them on your website!  They will get a kick out of it.   Also, creating a link to their name gives them notification through pingbacks that you have tagged them in your post. (Hey I love you guys!)

If you guys are enjoying this series, don’t forget to head over to Your Writer Platform and check out the other cool ideas they have for budding authors.


Creating an Authors Platform Week 10

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