OK, I failed this week, because it was the school holidays and I ended up with kids coming out my ears… well okay, maybe not quite so many, but it is hard to entertain a 13yo, a 5 yo and his friends… so instead I have been playing dice games with them, yahtzee, farkle, and you know what, it is great fun sitting around in the lounge, laughing and carrying on, and all of them enjoyed it!

As a result of the extra kids and kids at home, I only managed about 1000 words this week, and to be honest, I am not expecting miracles next week either, but anyway, I know that spending time with my boys is more important than my writing… right?  Instead, I had to do beading this week, because by Thursday, I was feeling rather fractious!

Roll on the end of the school holidays!

Creativity Workshop – Themes review
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2 thoughts on “Creativity Workshop – Themes review

  • July 11, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    yes, roll on! mind you, I felt like the first week went by really fast, and Ivy is out at holiday programme a few days this coming week. School will be back in session soon enough, gotta enjoy the days of children while we can (while they still want to involve us! lol).


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