Another week has passed by, another week closer to Christmas, another week closer to a deadline – that what I don’t know!  But there is always something happening in the future – like the release of Shards of Ice!  Keep posted by subscribing to newsletter, because they will be the first to see the cover, and the first to know the release date – and they will get exclusive offers!  So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So I got my manuscript back from my lovely editor, Cassie, and there were only 57 comments (plus lots of track changes, but it the comments I’m interested in at this stage.)  I started out on Thursday or Friday (can’t remember which now) going through the comments and making alterations as necessary.  Apparently she is a lot happier with it this time around!  But still can’t get her head around the secret of the story – because she’s known about it for a while.  Hopefully my proofreaders will be able to confirm that they were surprised.

Shards of Ice Banner

Speaking of Shards of Ice, I got the cover back from the wonderfully talented Leigh Hunt.  She is just amazing!  Check her out at her website.  If you have a good look, you’ll find Cursed Love’s cover there.

I have also managed to get some words down on paper for Curse of the Taniwha as well, which has me feeling a lot happier, but I am struggling with it.  Once I am in and writing, it goes really smoothly, but if I’m not in it, I tend to procrastinate and put it off until it is too late, and I have run out of time in the day.  My hubby is away this week, so hoping to get some evening writing time, which really works well for me.

I have also managed to strip down an old bicycle, which I want to clean up, paint and rebuild.  Why did I strip it down?  Because there are parts missing!  At least stripping it down gives me an opportunity to assess the frame and see what I do need.  I have a bicycle that I can rob parts from – its too small for my long legs, and this new bicycle is going to be awesome.  I’ve been a little slack on the work out department – only did two lots of race walking last week, and I missed it this morning because I’d been awake since 3:30am, and didn’t feel like going out and freezing my butt off.  I’ve walked to and from school for my art class.  I will actually need to create a folder for my artwork on here, I’ll keep you posted.

This week I need to focus on getting the edits done for Shards of Ice and getting that off to my proofreaders, and continue working on Curse of the Taniwha.  While I’m at it, I need to resurrect my Feel Good  Thursday posts and start a new series – Wednesday writing – just a place where I can put a little bit about my writing processes.

I hope you have a good week.  What are your plans for the week?

Dribbling Along
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  • June 7, 2015 at 5:07 am

    Mmm, I need to resurrect some sort of weekly blogging as well… plans this week? Not stress out about the launch IN TWO WEEKS and get lots of walking in 🙂


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