Its taken me a good six month to want to write, and today, when I’m itching to sit down and start, it just doesn’t happen. Funny how that happens.

Yesterday was the last day of raspberry picking, so no more 8am starts – until school goes back.  So with that, I decided to cancel my alarm and allow myself a sleep in.  I have my gardening job, but that doesn’t start until 9am – and I would be awake my then… I have two 4 legged alarm clocks who sleep on my bed.

I fell asleep at 8pm, I was so exhausted last night.  Which is good, because sometimes I struggle to get to sleep.

9pm, I woke up to open my window up because I was having power surges (hot flushes).

2am I’m wide awake… Here we go.  Closed the window because it was blowing really hard outside.  Reset my alarm because if I did fall asleep after a two hour awake session, then I would be late for 9am… went to sleep not long after 2:30am.

Alarm woke me up at 5:45am.  Decided to snooze it a couple of times before I turned it off, and went back to sleep.

7am – I’m awake.

Still enough time for writing, I think… wrong.

There are towels in the washing machine that I washed the other day – I add another towel and wash them all over again.

Then I get breakfast and head into the dining area to eat it – and notice that the shade sail has untwisted itself from the screw and one end of it is flapping around the backyard.


I’ll tie that up. I still have to make my lunch to take to work with me… Then I remember I haven’t done this blog.

So you know what.  Writing will wait for today (I didn’t do any yesterday either) and I will do it again tomorrow, but I find it kind of ironic that I have spent months trying to force myself to sit down and write, and it hasn’t happened. But I start a project that I am really passionate about, and I run out of time.  Damned Murphy and his law.

Well at least the towels are hanging out to dry.  The shade sail will have to wait until I get home as that involves a ladder, and its too early in the morning for me and ladders.

Its too early in the morning for me full stop!

5:45am might seem a little early for some people, but I’m not a morning person.  My body clock naturally awakens at night time – hence insomnia city baby – and so in order to be “human” by 9am, I need to be awake early to get through the grunting phase.

My system works, it truly does.  By 8am, my son and I can have semi-normal conversations. For me, mornings should come about 10am, then I would actually feel like being around people for a very limited time – I’m not really a people person either, comes from being an introvert.

But anyway, I better go, I have lunch to prepare and get going to work.

The life of a writer is never easy.

What is your definition of hell?  Feel free to comment below.

Have a great day



Early Morning Hell
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