I have only two chapters (one and a half really) and an epilogue to go and I have finished this round of editing, of not just this story, but the entire trilogy, which has taken me, for one reason or another, the best part of a year to complete.

I printed out the last chapters to read and edit in bed, and it must have been good, because I forgot to edit and just kept reading.  It is a while since I last read the ending, so I was surprised just how good it was (if I may say so myself!). 

Even though this is only the second time around, and there will be a third time, I have found that this time it hasn’t been quite so hard, even if I have been more critical of my own work.  The first edit was a beginners effort, and making it all the way to the third installment, I have realised just how amateurish it was.  This time the editing has been much more critical and more effective.  And having a couple of readers who have provided constructive criticism along the way has been of huge benefit.

I have also found that by critiquing other peoples work has made me more critical of my own, and I can see more clearly the failings in my own efforts.  Having the ability to look at someone elses work, then using that same eye to assess your own has taken some time to develop.  It is something that can only improve my own work and build on the base I have already created. 

Do I feel sad that another editing round has finished?  No actually, I am feeling rather excited because now I have clear ideas of what I really want in the story, and how I want the story to read, and also, because I plan on turning my trilogy into a single book, I have that to look forward to as well.  Yes, it means more editing, and perhaps some condensing and serious word cutting may be required, but after my big edit this time, I am not afraid to chop large clumps of redundant text!  So next year, onwards and upwards!

My goal this week is to actually finish the book, I have a couple of paragraphs left to go in Chapter 16, then the last chapter and the epilogue.  A big ask considering I start raspberry picking tomorrow for half a day, and school has now finished for the year.  I will try for Friday though.

Editing: Nearing the End
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One thought on “Editing: Nearing the End

  • December 17, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Hope you manage to get it done! Will be nice to have a break over the hols and then get back into it, you’ll have an even fresher eye to look at it with 😉

    It does take time to develop that critical eye for your own work, and critiquing others seems to be the best way to develop that. I think the time I’ve spent at Critters and working with you and others has definitely helped me develop and it’s great to hear that it’s helped you too!

    Good luck with the rest of the editing. Am looking forward to reading how the story all comes together 🙂


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