Things have been a bit down lately, just the nature of the weather and the turn of the season.  I have increased my meds to help me cope with the changes.  And it seems to have worked for the most part.

And gardening has been really helping too, even if it isn’t in my own garden.  Still, its nice to get your hands in the dirt, move plants around, pull out weeds, preparing gardens for the winter.

My mind has been buzzing with ideas, too many ideas to keep up with.  Some old ones have resurfaced with new concepts, plus new ideas for currently works in progress.  Of course it helps that I’m in Wellington with my Muse.

I’m still trying to get my head around it, how does he make things work so well for me?  I guess for one, he doesn’t judge me or my writing.  And he doesn’t judge me if I just sit and write notes or stare at my computer screen, instead of doing something else.  I like coming up here because it is often enforced peace and quiet and stillness.  And I think it is that creative nature that he nurtures in me that makes it easier for my ideas and creative juices to flow.

So this weekend I have made some big head roads on The Gardener, and Finding Lauren’s Dream, as well as starting to flesh out a new Paranormal story.  I’m quite excited about all of these stories, along with the Dragon’s League, which is currently spinning around in my head.  Its so awesome to have these stories just flitting around, with new ideas and directions for the story to go in.  It would be nice though if I could write in my sleep, because that seems to be when my mind is the most fertile.

I still want to write my kids books, but instead of the one I wanted to start with, I will have to start on another.  The one I wanted to start with involved walking to a site and photographing it, but unfortunately its up a rather steep hill, and with all the rain we have had in NZ, it hasn’t been conducive to walking on steep hills, let alone in the rain.  Hopefully spring might be the right time for that one, and I can start work on that book then. In the meantime, I have to work out what I want to write for the first one.

Preliminary reports back from my critique / beta readers for Finding Amy Archer is good.  One person keeps texting me to tell me they are crying, and they haven’t got to the main part yet…I hope she likes how the story continues.  It is a sad story, but it also has a good message for those who need to hear it.

This week I have work, I have a transmission to organise for my car, and I want to start writing…my fingers keep skipping over the keyboard everytime I start my laptop up.  They just want to start typing.

What are you up to for the week?

Take care








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