I have been spending some time in the garden lately, spring cleaning the garden so to speak.  We have a lovely cottage like garden with a large cherry tree in the corner of our section.  At the moment it is covered in blossom and looks beautiful.

The gentle hum of the bees made me aware of the tree this morning while I was busy weeding in the garden.  The steady constant buzz reminds me that Spring is well and truly here.  The Kereru (Wood Pigeon) have started turning up as well, balancing clumsily in the tops of the trees and stripping the blossom’s off petal by petal.

Tui have been flitting through the trees, chasing each other through the branches, stopping occasionally to spread the word in their strange guttural language.  They swoop through the branches,  hurrying the sparrows and thrushes along, who sit there and watch for danger below before swooping down to retrieve a crumb of bread from the lawn.

Rosey (aka Little Girl) likes to sit and contemplate the big birds at the top of the tree.  They are bigger than her, but her eyes light up when one stops by.  You can see the thoughts running through her head, wondering if she would be able to catch the behemoth which sits atop the tree.  In reality, it is more likely to fly away with her attached!

Rosey and the Kereru in the Cherry Tree. Yes, that cat half way up the tree.























I might not be writing a lot at the moment, but I still take time to appreciate the beauty of the nature and the world around me.  :o)

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