The next two weeks are going to be a test of endurance for me.  I have 4 hours of work each day during the week, relieving for someone at a local business.  The hard part is, they want me to continue working for them afterwards on a casual contract.  I don’t have any issues with the contract, but I also work for my husband, and I love working for him.  So I have to explain to them that I won’t be working for them after the two weeks, but I’m happy to do some relieving work.

Why is it challenging?  Because 1) I also have my art folio due in at the end of the term, which is three weeks away, and all of my art times are in the morning.  2) I also have work for my husband to fit in.  3) my husband is away this week, so I don’t have anyone to cuddle me and tell me its going to be okay and 4) it makes for a long day, and I have housework and writing / artwork to do as well.  I’m hoping to get the writing done in the evening.

But, taking each day as it comes will only make it easier.

I haven’t had much opportunity to rework Curse of the Taniwha this week, I’ve reached the middle which is kind of like swiss cheese – full of holes!  I have a strong beginning and a strong ending.  I just need a well supportive and strong middle to keep the whole thing together.  I will make it happen, but I guess that is going to eat into another month.

I kind of want to get Curse of the Taniwha out of the way, because this Science Fiction story is really forming quite fast, and I don’t know if I can contain the excitement for much longer.  It just wants to be written.  Have already drawn out a map, and downloaded some pictures of futuristic transport… The main characters have names – the story doesn’t though.  Hopefully something will come about.  Its going to be epic – I know that.

To make matters worse, I’ve entered into an competition with a fellow author, to see who get’s their novel out first…  Will keep you posted on that.  I guess it will have to be Running Away, as that one has been finished and just needs polishing and editing.

So what are you working on this week?

Full on times ahead
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