C Mead final logoThis last week has been all about editing.  With a great day last Monday at the local cafe, I was able to get a big chunk of Shards of Ice edited, and it was the catalyst I needed for the rest of the week, resulting in having finished the edits on Saturday night.  It feels great to be at this end of the edits, but it certainly won’t be the last.  I will send it through to my wonderful critique partner, and she will have some things to say, so more edits will be required.  Fortunately, probably not as many as the editor had.

Some of my editors comments had me laughing, especially when she called the main character Vyv.  I could hear Vyvica seething and grinding her teeth and grumbling under her breath; “It’s Vyvica, not Vyv.”

I have now sent away the details to my lovely cover designer and now I impatiently wait for the designer to weave her magic.  I had to send through  a copy of my blurb, and this is what I have so far.

On the Planet Elador, Ch’ar took over the Crown City of Althu with the intention of gaining more votes on the Intergalactic Senate, and legally sell the minerals of the planet.

Commander Vyvica Karala had to leave behind her father when Ch’ar took the Crown City, and she is determined to retake the city, with or without the support of the D’Authian Guards.

Kelvaras Mason is a bounty hunter for hire, and he’s landed a plum job.  Find the D’Authian Guards and bring Vyvica back to Ch’ar.  The D’Authian Guards have also employed him, to find the leak in the intelligence network.

Vyvica and Kelvaras clash from the moment they meet.  He’s egotistical, while she can’t afford to show any weakness, yet through their adventures together, they start to overlook each other’s problems.

But Vyvica is hiding a secret, one that could get her killed.  And Kelvaras is hiding something from the D’Authian Guards.  Will he be able to save her from Ch’ar?  And where do the lies lead for Kelvaras and Vyvica?

I know it needs some work, but that is just a starting point.

As a result of finishing on Saturday, all day Sunday I spent rebuilding my greenhouse with plastic, Insulation tape and cable ties.  I’m happy with the results, I even have a door which I made too, so it looks really flash – although I can see the faults.  Being a perfectionist, I can see all the faults, but having worked through those issues, I’m able to realise that I have done the best I can, and that is all I can hope for.

So for the rest of the week, I plan on working on Running Away and Curse of the Taniwha, after an epiphany while out running, I think I have a solution for the problems I was having with that story.  Although it probably needs a bit of replotting rather than adding in this new element, although it will help the plotting.

And the ending of CotT needs work too.  The whole ending to the story is great, but I need to work out how to get the hero and heroine living together in a modern world.  Or should they exist in a parallel world???  Just questions that need to be answered.

Have a fun week.





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