Last week was a bit of a write off – because I helped a girlfriend move house – and it went over a couple of days.  As a result I ended up quite tired, though I did manage to get the Bullet Journal off the ground.

I don’t mind helping people, especially my besties when they are in need, and my bestie was.  She stayed at my place on Saturday night, but had her own place by Sunday afternoon and we were moving her in Monday morning.  God moves quickly when he wants you to move!  Both of us are introverts, so by mid day,  our energy levels had slumped.  Tuesday was only supposed to be a half day, but we ended up staying a little later because we got the fridge and freezer moved.  And Wednesday was supposed to be an hour.  We took half the day – but, she is all moved in and has a lovely wee place that she is now putting her own stamp on.

Thursday I spent the day with my Mum.  Our family are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, and Mum really needed me, so I spent the day with her and then Poppa and my sister.  It was fun to have some laughs and carry ons.  I left feeling more filled than I had in a long time.

Friday was a quiet day at home… literally – I think I slept from 11 until 2pm!  But then I needed it because socialising really isn’t my thing, and I still hadn’t recovered from Wellington!

The weekend has been one of quiet contemplation – working on my business plan, getting some writing done, blogging and scheduling blog posts.

I have managed to do some writing, although not 300 words per day – which is my current goal.  Once I have that up and running and really working, then I can increase that to 500 – then 750… 1000 – hopefully by the end of the year I can be cranking out 3k words per day or more.  Little steps though.  300 isn’t achievable yet…

So I am still working on Dragon’s League, but I have also started reworking a writing exercise that we did at our local Romance Writers meeting last year.  I enjoyed the characters and really felt that I wanted to develop the story further.  The characters are still quite flat, but I have a basic story idea – just need to flesh it out now.  It will probably only be a novella, but it is something new and something I’m enjoying.

I have been working on my art at home, with a picture of a girl.  I’m quite happy with progress, the shading is coming along nicely.  I haven’t done art or woodwork at school this week, I needed the space to get my head together.  But I also need to stop using that as an excuse and start spending some actual time concentrating on my school work because I actually need it as much as I enjoy it.

So this week will be one of working more on my writing and family – as always.  How’s your week panning out for you?


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