As you are aware, I am writing a historical novel, but I have come to a very serious realisation.  It takes longer than 30 days to write a factual story.

For some it might not, but for me – a stickler for the truth, I want to make this story as factually accurate as possible, so I need to spend some time writing this story, and while I would love to just crank it out in 30 days, I think I would end up with way too many holes and I would rather have the details and facts straight.

So instead of trying to get this story done this month, as I intended, this will be done gradually over the entire year.

I am lucky in that I have lots of information on this story, a lot of written records in the form of newspaper articles (there were three papers in the town, each with very similar details in them all), and trying to make sure that I am covering it from all angles, I had to introduce a ficitious character, and I really need to work on him to find out how he fits into society and his role as one of the main story tellers.  I think I have his angle, but just want to get things right.

I am hoping that I will get this story done by the end of the year, and if you are a follower of my goals, I will be adjusting my goals accordingly to reflect this.  Don’t despair, I have not given up on this story, it is a passion to write it, so it won’t be forgotten.

Only another 11 days until SoCNoC starts, only 4 more days of voting to see which story I will do… Steampunk?  Thriller? or SciFi?  Can’t wait to reveal the results on Friday 27th May.  I will already know by then, and hope to have more details of the story up for you at that time.  Thank you to everyone who has already voted in my poll (to the right of this entry) if you haven’t already… what are you waiting for?  Christmas?

Great Expectations
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2 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  • May 31, 2011 at 4:00 am

    I wrote an historical fiction story for my very first NaNo and because I had to make so many guesses along the way I reached 50,000 words within the month but the story was in such a tangle with my guesses that it would have to be rewritten if I were to salvage it.

    Good decision and good luck for SoCNoC!

    • May 31, 2011 at 7:58 am

      Thanks for sharing that Kerryn. This is a story I am passionate about and I want to get it finished, so I am not going to force it, just keep ticking away with it in the background for now.


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