Shards of Ice - C Mede - near final ecoverWell, July is nearly gone!  What the hell happened to July?  I think I have been saying that every month haven’t I!

Anyway, I know that I have been quiet for a while, with really good reason.

And I know that I was publishing Shards of Ice on 1st July – and that didn’t happen either.  Then the 7th… now the 1st August, and I can’t go back on that now… its in Amazon now!

I have invested in some wonderful teasers from Michelle New of Teasers and More:  What do you think?

CM - Shards of Ice 4.0 CM - Shards of Ice 3.0

CM - Shards of Ice 1.0 CM - Shards of Ice 2.0

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So what has been happening?  Well, my immortal beloved got sick, and not with man flu.  He was seriously ill, and it has taken a while to get him back on his feet.  I’ve had to tuck him under my wing, go to work with him, and making sure that he is putting one foot in front of the other.  It’s scary watching a man who is tough and strong suddenly become weak and reliant, and it has been hard on him too.  We are well on the path to recovery now, but it will take a while to get him back up to his strong confident self.  The upside of the illness, it has brought us closer together, because we have needed to be.  I love him so much, I don’t know what I would do without him in my life.

That has really put me on the back foot with my writing, and my art has become my release throughout the last three / four weeks.  I’ve really needed it sometimes, but looking forward to getting the writing started up again.

July also brought the school holidays, and with my son at his nanna’s for a week, my husband and I were able to work together for the week, and last week, we worked together on Wednesday and Thursday which are my new work days – I’m carrying out testing on alarm systems, just small systems, but systems none the less.  Fortunately I can do this for my man, as we have three weeks of no money coming in, so very tight month next month.  We will survive – hopefully!

On the writing front:  As a result of not being able to get on my laptop, I haven’t finished Running Away, which is bloody frustrating!  It’s so damned close!  Hopefully I can get back into it over the next couple of weeks.  Once I have that finished, I also want to finish Curse of the Taniwha, and now I have a character burning away in my brain.  She desperately wants her story to be told, but I won’t start on that until the two other stories are done!  (Hear that Eve172?)  Its another Science Fiction story, hoping to be a romance, but we’ll see what happens.

So, that is where I am at.  I’m praying that things will start to go back to normal over the next few weeks, and I can get back into writing.  I love my art, but I desperately need to write.

What are your plans for the week?

Hey August, Here I Come!
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