I have survived yet another school holiday – thank goodness!  I generally find it hard, not because I have to spend time with my child, but because he wants the computer now… ALL THE TIME!  Even with my new desk layout – he is RIGHT beside me, playing very noisy games.   I love my son to pieces, but I also enjoy it when I have my own computer to myself during the day!

My boy did spend 4 days with his Nanna over the holidays, but the timing wasn’t that great.  I had planned to do lots of writing / editing, which I did, but of the work kind.  On Thursday I had three jobs to look on.  Friday I spent all day doing two reports… and I still have one to go… oh well, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Goals, so to update you on my goals this month…

1.  Finish the bloody Gothic Novel to first reader status.  I have been slowly ticking away on this one, and I am liking it.  Have been adding to it as I go along.

2. Write three novels this year – Ice Planet is done, just needs editing.  Blood Gold is my focus this month for the End is Nigh challenge over at KiwiWriters.  The third novel I am contemplating doing during Nano in November.

3. Edit three novels

Currently editing Gothic Novel and Of Kings Queens and Noblemen.  At this stage, The Ice Planet story will be later in the year, but will be edited by the end of the year.

So there are an update on my goals.  I am looking forward to getting Blood Gold out of the way and then I can start focusing on my next writing goal.


Holiday Blues and July Goals
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