Life has slowly ground to a halt in this house.  School holidays have begun, Raspberry picking is in full swing, and I have no time left for myself.  One would think I would, but I have a son – an only child, and he uses me for entertainment.  Yesterday we went for a bike ride – in the sun – and he went for a swim.  Today, we have agreed to play Adventure of the Xbox Kinect, because we can get the fan going to cool us down, but still get to run and jump around!

My brain has decided to slow down too, I guess that is my coping mechanism.  I am finding myself really having to think about what I am doing.  I was shopping the other day and the sales lady was talking to me while she was waiting for me to do the Eft Pos thing, but I couldn’t focus on the conversation and getting the right details into the machine.  I am also finding at home that I need to stop and think about what I need to do next, and make sure I tidy up afterwards, otherwise the house quickly turns into a bomb site.

As a result of the brain slow down and the extra company, writing has gone out the window, for now.  My husband, who works away a lot, turned up unexpectedly last week, so that was two nights that I didn’t get to write.  I guess until we get the two older boys out, I won’t get much peace or time to write.  But them are the breaks.

It is funny how the brain does things to protect us.  I am not a big fan of Christmas, and while I was OK last year, previous years it has been a source of depression for me (perhaps I was expecting too much, and getting so little.)  It hasn’t been a problem this year, but then I have turned rather male with the whole “only focus on one thing at a time”.  I love how my brain works sometimes  🙂

On the positive side, we have decided where we are going for Christmas, and while some family members will be disappointed, that is there problem.  I am where I want to be and with those that matter to me the most.  Not that all of my family don’t matter to me, they matter a lot, but I need a stress free Christmas, and driving all day isn’t my idea of fun or relaxation.

Now New Years is a different matter.  A road trip is planned for early new years, hopefully that will work out.  But new years itself… plans are still up in the air!

Holiday Slow Down
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