I have said this before, and I will say it again.  I love writing groups.  I love the encouragement and support you get.

And I love that you meet a writer that you know you will click with and get along with and you share similar interests in your writing.  I am part of several groups, two meet together.  One is the romance writers group which I have been part of for two years now.  Best decision I ever made.  I love these local ladies, we have a critique group also, but because I live so far out of town, it is hard for me to get there, but I contribute every now and then.

I have developed a close relationship with a couple of these ladies and we meet together once a month (alternating with the RWNZ meetings) and we have a catch up, laugh and talk.  Not necessarily about our writing, but when we do, we always help each other out, talking about our problems, characters, muses etc.

Support groups are wonderful, whether it is for writing, craft or anything, make sure you are part of a group because you get so much out of it.  The benefits for me are:

♥.  Knowing that there are others who have conversations with their characters, and they aren’t mad

♥. Wanting to go home and write and write and write and write

♥. Sharing a similar interest in our writing – whether it is genre or culture.

♥. Learning about another writers style and appreciating it.

♥. Getting goosebumps when you hear another writers story and knowing that it is good.

♥. Hearing that the other person gets goosebumps hearing about your story ideas

♥. Coming away with more ideas and small snippets from the writing exercises that could be useful in your current WiP

As a result of our meeting on Saturday, Donna Capil and I are going to be meeting together, via facebook, to encourage each other as we get writing this week.  Donna has a story she wants to finish by the end of April, and I have a story I want to start writing.  So we have a common goal and a common interest.

Will let you know how we go.

I ♥ Writing Groups
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