Sad but true people…it has been a hard decision to make, but he just no longer does it for me.  He is no longer my muse.

Funny thing is, its been coming for a while.  For some reason, Tom Hardy seemed to idealise, for me, the perfect gentleman – I guess watching This Means War did it for me.  But since I left my ex, there hasn’t been that inspiration there anymore.  It was like I was using him to escape from my normal every day boring (traumatic) life.

So, I’ve had to sign the divorce papers and let that baby go.  It doesn’t mean I don’t find him attractive anymore, or want him any less.  It just means that he is no longer the hero of my stories.

But don’t panic.  I have a new muse, and one that is more local.  You see, I met this gentleman last year on a website.  We had a lot of things in common and we decided to meet up as friends and see how things went.  They went well. And this person is a real gentleman, there are no hidden agenda’s or fake smiles.  This is the real deal people.

He first brought up the idea of him being my muse the last time I was up in Wellington, when I would be inspired to create a new story idea.  I kind of thought that maybe, just maybe, he might be right.

But it wasn’t until we spent a week together last week that it really cemented it for me.  Whenever I am around him, I think of story ideas. They just seem to flow from me, and when I write, it seems to come out through my fingertips without much thought at all.  If I toss and turn at night, he will ask me what is up…and most of the time I have thought of a new idea, or bit of information I can add to the current story I’m working on.

If we aren’t together, I will tell him what is happening in my story, or how much I wrote that day.  And instead of grumbling about me wasting my time, do you know what he says?  “Well done, good effort.”  When I tell him how many books I’ve sold, he is so excited, even if its only 6 books.  This kind of enthusiasm is quite catching.  Now, every month, I check to see how many books I’ve sold, and I get a buzz to see I’ve sold 6 or 7.

Now, where was this man when I needed him???  Lol – actually, he’s been here all along, but he seriously wasn’t what I was looking for.  He isn’t a bad boy, which was what I was looking for, and you know what, he is actually so much better than a bad boy.  He has attitude, he has manners, he is polite and respectful, and slow to anger.  He is the reason for romance sneaking into my Finding Amy Archer story – although its not a full blown romance.

But I do have two new story ideas to work with at present, and I really need to pull my finger out and start working on one of them, because I miss my morning writing sessions.  And I will only ever publish one book a year if I don’t get my ass into gear and start writing again.

In other news, I have actually finished editing Finding Amy Archer, and it is currently in the hands of two critiquers and one beta reader.  I’m anxious for their comments, but they have only just received the book.  Hopefully it isn’t too much of a disaster.

Also, back to the daily grind with work.  And its the school holidays, so have to keep the boy entertained as well as carry out my work commitments.  Its a fine line between good and bad mental health.  But I have increased my meds because the cooler weather is already having an affect on me.

So how is everyone else doing out there?  You all good?  What are your plans for the week?

Take care


I’m Divorcing Tom Hardy
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