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Karen Boudoir 20Oh man, what a week!  First of all, if you haven’t already discovered, Shards of Ice is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, so go and BUY IT! Its available for 99c, so an affordable read.

While I didn’t do a big launch – its only my second book out – I had a few sales before the release date, which is pretty cool.  And I’ve paid to have some teasers made, and the lady who made them also read and reviewed it on Goodreads for me.  She’s such an awesome person!  And apparently it was her first Science Fiction Romance, so her review makes it all the more special for me.

But once again, it is Monday – yip – M o n d a y.

I did actually manage to get some writing done on Running Away last week, but not anywhere near as much as I would have liked.  But with my husband home sometimes, it has been hard to keep a schedule with cleaning and writing. Not to mention the decluttering I’ve been doing – why?  Because I need to!  I have way too much ‘stuff’ that isn’t useful or special to me.  I have a china cabinet full of china – which I condensed down from two – I have cupboards full of unused appliances – why keep those things?  Plus, the countdown is on, 7 years and my beloved and I will be living out of a toyhauler, doing contract work around New Zealand – hence the need to annually cull my massive amount of ‘stuff’.  Of course, there will be a storage unit full of items that won’t be sold or given away (lets make that a rather LARGE storage unit hehehe).

Okay, back to writing!  Eve172 – my new female character now has a new name – a before death name.  Details are slowly filtering through to me of the story, and backstory, and it is going to be a bit of a humdinger – dark, moody, brooding, and a romance.  Yip, there are such a thing as dark romance!  And this one will be – but it takes place in a Utopian society – so its going to be interesting to pull together.  But I need to get my head around it before I let any more details go, plus I still have Running Away and Curse of the Taniwha to finish, The Gamble and Whos that Girl to rewrite – but the two rewrites aren’t set in concrete – in fact nothing really is.

But I do need to finish Running Away and Curse of the Taniwha before I start any new projects.  Here’s hoping that I manage to get some headway on this over the next month or two!

So, busy week for me, pushing Shards of Ice, and writing Running Away, cleaning, decluttering and keeping my family safe and happy.  Phew, and its only M o n d a y.  What’s your plans for the week?

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