Blimey, time travels fast when you’re having fun!  So last week, Monday was Labour Day here in NZ, and I sneaked off to Picton to stay the night with a friend, hence no blog post.  But I really didn’t have anything to report.  And I still don’t.

Art is done and dusted for the year – but I have been making books for an extra few credits.  I have to photograph everything and then document it, so I thought I might try and get a bit clever, and print it out and make it into a book… Yeah, we’ll see what happens.  Would look cool though, wouldn’t it.  Bit to get my head around, like page ordering.

Writing, well, nothing has been happening, but that’s not because I haven’t wanted to.  I have been driving with no music, and coming up with some brilliant ideas, because driving it a good way for me to really nut out some ideas, and get myself out of corners I have painted myself into.  I really want to get writing again, and I know I can, but I am struggling with guilt, something that was imposed on me by someone else.  I will try and blog about this separately, because I think there are a few people out there in the same boat.

So this week, I plan on tidying my study, because my crafting has really taken over that room.  I have three desks.  I should really use them for their purposes – art, writing and craft – that would really help to minimise the mess, but then it doesn’t necessary equate to me keeping those areas tidy.  But if I can use my writing desk for writing, then I can have that space clear for my laptop.

On another writing front, I ordered a proof copy of Shards of Ice off Createspace on 4th October… I’m still waiting for it to arrive.  Gah!  I really want to see what it looks like before I go ahead and get it printed.  I’ve already sold two copies, and I have orders for at least two more…

And I hope to have Running Away launched on 1st December, and I really need to work towards getting that ready for ebook release.  It pretty much is, but getting some marketing organised.  Oh, the joys of an introverted writer!

What are your plans for the week ahead?

I hope whatever you do, your week is productive.

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Just Another Manic Monday…
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